3 Reasons Personal Chefs Near Me Are a Great Choice

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“I wanted a personal chef for my wedding, so that my guests would feel special throughout the reception and throughout the day. The food was delicious, the service was wonderful, but I did not want to worry about the staff being in charge because it was too hard to keep track of them. “A friend of my mother’s had a large wedding that celebrated in Washington, D.C. I decided to stay a few days to try out the city, and while I was there, I also wanted to experience a great wedding as well. “I had always wanted a personal chef for my special occasions, so when I found out that Empirical Cuisines could cater for all of my wedding needs, I was overjoyed.

“Personal chefs are there to provide the very best in customer service and culinary expertise, along with friendly, fast, and efficient service. In my experience, they have truly done just that, from the time the event has begun until the final meal is served. I highly recommend the use of a chef for large or small events, depending on the type of evening and the guests’ likes and dislikes. For example, if the party is to celebrate a special anniversary such as my two-year-old daughter’s third birthday, I would hire a talented chef who also does catering. She is versatile, loves food, and has a fresh approach to cooking delicious meals that will please her guests and be remembered for years to come.”

“After our son was born, we had some special dietary needs and spent a lot of time looking for a Personal chef near me. Eventually we found a great family business where they serve everything from entrees to desserts, from breakfast to lunch and dinner. Now our daughter turns three and I still plan and prepare most of her meals. They do a wonderful job and it’s easy to talk to one of their chefs about what we like and don’t like about certain dishes.”

“We hired a great chef/caterpillar when my daughter and I married. She provides a healthy, low calorie, low fat diet and exercise program for our entire family. Our daughters are never hungry, but they love to play and explore. They are constantly happy and excited, even on days that may seem dull to other families.”

“I was very impressed with the attention to detail and creative approach to the Personal Chef offered. She took great pains to meet with me before the wedding to discuss everything from menu planning to wedding party support. She was available at the last minute to help with any questions or problems that we faced. The personal chef was excellent and will be an integral part of my wedding planning for years to come.”

If you’re looking for a great caterer for your upcoming special event, consider asking the Personal Chef you are interested in hiring for a phone interview. It is always a good idea to get a feel for how the caterer does business and what kind of people they have helped in the past. After all, your guests deserve only the best food and service. Although there are many great caterers in my area and some are very popular, not all are created equally. You can always check the Personal Chef’s website to learn more about them and why they are a good fit for your event.

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